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From writer Isa Mazzei, Cam follows the story of successful camgirl Alice “Lola Lola” Ackerman, who discovers that her web account has been taken over by a sinister doppelgänger. Light your favorite seasonal candle and settle in. Where to watch it: Netflix. We’ve included everything from Iron Man to the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, along with the various One Shots, Netflix series, and all seasons of Agents Of Shield. The crime genre is a consistently reliable one Venice Festival Guide in the world of film. While the circumstances feel familiar, something about “Dead Snow” still feels fresh within the genre as it builds to an absolutely absurd and ridiculous conclusion. The subversive 1950s period piece follows a huckster named Tom Ripley who attempts to steal the identity of a socialite who had run away from his family responsibilities. The fact it’s aimed at family audiences yet also follows a familiar crime movie narrative might make it something of a tough sell, but The Bad Guys was ultimately given positive reviews and seen as one of the better Dreamworks titles from recent years. Nominated for four Academy Awards, Dee Rees’ mighty film is a study of historic divisions set in segregated rural Mississippi in the 1940s. The final Iron Man film takes place six months after the Avengers’ giant fight in NYC. It was a commercial success and earned over $782 million worldwide. Also good: Shadow, Zhang Yimou’s stunning wuxia epic, and Faces Places, Agnès Varda’s thoughtful and charming documentary. Much of the movie is given over to their wild, expressive shows, and the absolute mania that follows them as their fandom grows and threatens the reigning establishment. As usual, we’re running from UK release dates yes, we know some of these were 2021 in the States; no, we haven’t got Pearl or Marcel The Shell With Shoes On yet, and are looking at films released both on the big screen, and beamed straight into our living rooms which, half the time, we also wished we were watching in a cinema. This classic cinema really earns the title “movie theater”. The story is told from Parker’s perspective, which offers an interesting twist to the storytelling, but it’s clear Luhrmann cares deeply about doing justice to Elvis’ story. Available on: Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes, FandangoNOW, Google Play, VUDU. Where to watch it: VOD. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is a popular mystery movie and is a loose adaptation of the video game Detective Pikachu that took the world by storm in 2016. Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan. Oh, and if you don’t have HBO Max, you can sign up for a plan here. Judi Dench’s M delivers a memorable performance, too, as the moral counterpoint to Craig’s 007.

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Tom Holland has been a bit cagey on his future as Peter Parker, understandably. Watch Room on HBO Max. Gather your best fighters and get your combos ready for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gaming Tournament only at Harkins. The “In Bruges” trio of Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and writer/director Martin McDonagh reunite for the darkly hilarious new film “The Banshees of Inisherin,” which is a worthy follow up to their raucous 2008 dark comedy. Now I’ll be the first to admit I have not seen all of the films simply because no matter what the franchise is after so many prequels and sequels I get sort of burned out and move on to something else. Where do you start with Con Air. Republic of IrelandThe Last Ship. Daniel Craig made his mark on the James Bond franchise from the moment he earned his 00 stripes in Casino Royale’s monochrome prologue. Writer: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson. Despite being a superhero movie, The Batman is relatively low on action. Also: A+ post credits Easter egg in this one. So far, we know more about the show’s troubled production than we do about what the plot of the film is, so it remains to be seen whether the movie can meets its November release date. This movie is without any doubt one of the biggest films of his career as it is what catapulted him into the limelight. Presented in six chapters with an epilogue, everyone gets more story this time around, and it’s for the better. Strange is insufferable to almost everyone who has to deal with him until a tragic accident takes away the use of his hands. Nicolas Cage, Sophie Skelton, Dwayne Cameron, Weston Cage, Michael Rainey Jr. Director:Angus MacLane Stars:Chris Evans, Keke Palmer, Peter Sohn, Taika Waititi. These are the movies that most define Leo’s career and the ones that any new fan of the actor should check out first.

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The film acts as a perfect introduction to Madea’s extreme tactics and exaggerated, ebullient personality as well as her loving and loyal heart. Republic of IrelandHighlights: U. Republic of IrelandThe Last Ship. The ultimate highlight is its conclusion in a totally unrelated carnival haunted house, where Chucky admittedly dies one of his better deaths, being chopped to bits by a giant industrial fan in a geyser of blood and gore. ” remark over the last 13 years, made as development, production, and post persisted on a sequel to the epic science fiction film, a wise voice has piped in to say: “Do you doubt James Cameron. Russell plays Kate Wyler, a diplomat who’s unexpectedly named the new U. Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe, Louisa Krause, Paul Schrader, Magi Avila, Melissa Bolona, Omar J. Put aside a few off kilter moments and there’s still an eerie and darkly amusing sensibility to Michael’s all night horror party. Halloween fans won’t want to miss it. Since first launching in 2020, HBO Max has quickly solidified itself as lowkey one of the best streaming services around, with a robust library of some genuinely great movies past and present to choose from.

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Of course, all of that is burying the lead, with Reynolds revealing himself that Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role as Wolverine for the third Deadpool film. As Vin Diesel perhaps said it best: “The movies. Marking Nicolas Cage’s official rebirth as an action hero it was the unlikely follow up to his Leaving Las Vegas Oscar win months earlier, this is a hard granite slab of pure action movie gold — not to mention, the rare Michael Bay film to earn a prestigious Criterion Collection release. “Dear diary, my teen angst bullshit now has a body count. The second installment in The Haunting series follows Dani Victoria Pedretti, an American au pair who arrives at the eponymous manor to care for two young kids. With Sondheim segues and Hollywood mores, it’s a painfully compelling experience. John Travolta and Olivia Newton John changed the course of the movie musical with the wildly beloved flick about the kids at Rydell High. Australia’s belief in defining itself through the deeds of soldiers is torn apart in Bruce Beresford’s ground breaking examination of war crimes, scapegoats and imperial hypocrisy as a trio of Australian combatants fighting in the Boer War—memorably played by Edward Woodward, Bryan Brown and Lewis Fitz Gerald—face a court martial. Daniel Goldhaber’s online reprise of body horror is a bracing example of the genre’s new and instructively weird indie wave. Flanagan rendered one of the most chilling interpretations of a story previously thought to be unfilmable. Bride of Chucky 1998Director: Ronny Yu. He was a Best Supporting Actor nominee for Magnolia and won Golden Globes Best Actor for Born on the Fourth of July and Jerry Maguire, in addition to a Best Supporting Actor prize for Magnolia. Madea crashes it when Tiffany sneaks out, and from there the fraternity seeks revenge, with Madea hilariously pushing out. It’s a gorgeous film just to live in for a couple hours. However, his livelihood gets threatened by a trio of villains and an alien symbiote bonds itself to him, causing further turmoil. We’ve got blockbusters, genre fare, likely awards darlings, and so much more. Each star is an international agent aiming to outperform their rivals and recover a top secret weapon.


The screenplay and direction by Rebecca Hall adapting Nella Larsen’s 1929 novel delicately yet precisely plumbs their psychological depths and wounds, and the sumptuous costumes and immaculate black and white cinematography serve as dazzling counterpoints to what Manohla Dargis called “an anguished story of identity and belonging. Premieres on Shudder on Sept. All that success, however, hasn’t translated to the big screen yet, with three films produced since 2005, and none of them being particularly successful. Quinn, Sean Gunn, Hayley McFarlandWriter: Mickey Reece, John Selvidge Climate of the HunterDirector: Mickey Reece Climate of the HunterWhy it’s good: There’s no shortage of horror films that focus on nuns; be they noble defenders of the innocent, or possessed minions of the demonic realm—and this movie sort of has both. Stream on Amazon Prime Video. However, the film blends several stories and styles in a failed attempt to launch a new Spider Man universe. Short answer: not really. Watch Ex Machina on HBO Max. ShowBiz Cinemas does not share your information when you sign up. All is not what it appears to be, however, as they’re hounded by haunted delights that seem like tropes straight out of a bad horror movie. – and an ill fated love story that set up Craig’s entire arc as 007, and Casino Royale is deserving of its runner up in our list. Republic of IrelandHighlights: U.

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Beyond follows the story of a teenager named Yoko, who encounters glitches in the Matrix while searching for her lost cat. So we imagine if the face off is going to happen, they’ll manufacture a way for either Spidey to cross into Venom’s universe, or vice versa. ” We would suggest that this line of thinking proves to be incorrect, at best, and that not even Black Mirror would be able to get much out of it. Shades of a paranoid thriller keep the tension up even when you know how the story unfolds, and Hoffman and Redford are stellar as the two journalists at the center. Learn how your comment data is processed. Heroes work together in explosive comic book adventure. It’s overstuffed with product placement, the film’s villain – Mathieu Amalric’s Dominic Greene – and theme song “Another Way to Die by Jack White and Alicia Keys are largely forgettable, and its plot is messy. Sure, it borrowed plenty from the at the time successful Jason Bourne film series. April 1A Lion is in the StreetsBreatheClean and SoberCoralineCity by the SeaDark BlueDrive AngryDumb and Dumber ToEnter the Warrior’s GateEntertainmentEvan AlmightyExperimenterGhostHarriet The SpyHit and RunHomegrown—Season 3House at the End of the StreetHunter KillerI Am LoveIrisKiss the GirlsKnowingLand of the PharaohsLemonLet’s Be CopsLetters to JulietLucyMonosMudMusic WithinMystic PizzaNoma: My Perfect StormNo Way OutOne Missed CallOutlawsOutragePushRachel, RachelResultsSafe HavenSafe in HellSchool LifeSmokin’ AcesThe Blue LagoonThe Brother’s WarnerThe CircleThe Cold Light of DayThe Goods: Live Hard, Sell HardThe HostThe House BunnyThe KidThe Last CircusThe Last Days on MarsThe Long RidersThe Piece Maker—Season 1The Smurfs 2The Smurfs MovieThe SoloistThe Strawberry BlondeThe WaveSpring BreakersStorm WarningTaken 3Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky BobbyTangerineTrespass Against UsUn Gallo Con Muchos Huevos A Brave Little RoosterValkyrieWalker: IndependenceWe Are the Best. What begins as a novel sort of mystery story gradually evolves into a freaky piece of psychological horror. From writer Isa Mazzei, Cam follows the story of successful camgirl Alice “Lola Lola” Ackerman, who discovers that her web account has been taken over by a sinister doppelgänger. Luckily, he meets a nice Earth scientist, played by Natalie Portman, who can help him set things right before Loki assumes total control of Asgard.


The sequel to 2018’s Aquaman is coming to theaters and HBO Max in December. Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman. You can’t help falling in love with Baz Luhrmann’s 2022 epic biographical drama, which follows a young Elvis Presley Oscar nominee Austin Butler as he navigates his relationship with a corrupt manager, Colonel Tom Parker Tom Hanks. The story focuses on a conflicted young man who agrees to stand an overnight vigil over a recently deceased member of the Orthodox Jewish community, but of course something malevolent is afoot too. Year: 2018Runtime: 1h 59mDirector: Barry Jenkins. Scott calls the film “a powerful and pungent reminder of the necessity of art. He has made 43 films, contributing in a producing role on many of them, and collaborated with a remarkable list of celebrated film directors including Francis Ford Coppola, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Martin Scorsese, Barry Levinson, Oliver Stone, Ron Howard, Rob Reiner, Sydney Pollack, Neil Jordan, Brian De Palma, Cameron Crowe, Stanley Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, Ed Zwick, Steven Spielberg, Michael Mann, J. Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ariyon Bakare, Olga Dihovichnaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Hiroyuki Sanada. Birth Place:Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Once the hand picked diners are at chef’s mercy, things take a dark turn. Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell, David Oyelowo, and the magnificent Ruth Wilson all appear to be on brilliant form; fans of the best British TV comedy should know that Inside No. Government, must find a cure for the monster he turns into whenever he loses his temper. Banderas is so charming here that the movie made enough money to produce a sequel in 2005, which is also on Netflix.

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And since that’s a fairly conventional set up, it’s a good thing that The Night House has a lot more to offer than that; it’s one of those sedate and low key horror films that’s more interested in character and humanity and in simple door slams and jump scares. The Cormac McCarthy adaptation stars Josh Brolin as a man who happens upon the aftermath of a deadly shootout that has left behind a bag full of money. Get to your watchlist. This wild 1978 blockbuster launched the film career of John Belushi, the “slobs vs. Eddie Murphy plays Dave Ming Chang, a spaceship made in the image of its miniature sized captain also Murphy who has landed on Earth on a mission to save his planet. Polished animation but with an unoriginal script and banal characterisation. The mysterious illness caught by some of the characters is ultimately revealed as men formerly lost at sea now returning to take possession of Dakar’s inhabitants on the Atlantic coast. Votes: 1,196,751 Gross: $333. But then again, who else is out here doing it like Rian Johnson. Watch The Matrix series on HBO Max. Watch Magic Mike on HBO Max. Watch Barbarian on HBO Max. Animated superhero comedy based on the bestselling book series by Dav Pilkey. Also good: An Action Hero, a Bollywood meta action comedy about a movie star whose life turns into a real action movie; JUNG E, the new sci fi action movie from Train to Busan director Yeon Sang ho; The Big Four, an offbeat Indonesian action comedy from the twisted mind of Timo Tjahjanto The Night Comes for Us; Lost Bullet 2, France’s answer to the vehicular mayhem of the Fast and Furious series; Athena, a French crime thriller that was the single best Netflix original of 2022; Emily the Criminal, an Aubrey Plaza led crime thriller; Hustle, Adam Sandler’s basketball dramedy co starring real NBA players. Nicolas Cage, Deborah Foreman. First MCU adventure has violence, Islamophobia.


Steven Spielberg explores his own childhood in this fictionalized tale of a Midwestern Jewish kid dealing with family secrets through his love of film. Read: What order should you watch every Marvel movie and TV show. Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalise our services and to customise our online advertisements. But so many times the writers back themselves into a corner and have to come up some really far fetched way to resurrect the characters so the franchise can continue. Release date: April 16Cast: Barbara Crampton, Larry Fessenden, Bonnie AaronsWriter: Travis Stevens, Kathy Charles, Mark SteenslandDirector: Travis Stevens Girl on the Third FloorWhy it’s good: Comedy and horror can be a risky balance sometimes, but when you’ve got a pair of lead actors who know how to handle the two, the result can be pretty great. Nicolas Cage, Jon Lovitz. Release date: June 11Cast: Niamh Algar, Michael Smiley, Nicholas BurnsWriter: Prano Bailey Bond, Anthony FletcherDirector: Prano Bailey BondWhy it’s good: A clever and quietly unsettling thriller about a British film censor in the 1980s who thinks she sees her long missing sister in a sleazy homemade horror flick. In this powerful adaptation by the director Dee Rees of the novel by Hillary Jordan, two families — one white and one Black — are connected by a plot of land in the Jim Crow South. Even taking those mitigating circumstances into consideration, however, Quantum of Solace isn’t a top tier Bond movie. Learn more about how we make money. Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo Stars: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. It’s a reclamation in more ways than one.


Jessica Gao served as showrunner and head writer for the nine episode series. Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe, Louisa Krause, Paul Schrader, Magi Avila, Melissa Bolona, Omar J. Based on a 2002 novel by the “Jumanji” author Chris Van Allsburg, it tells a similar story in which children are drawn into the world of a board game that is perhaps too immersive. Be sure to tune into the fourth—and final—season of Barry on April 16. Night’s finest, but has enough interesting ideas, compelling characters, and disturbing moments to keep genre fans happy. While it’s not your standard zombie movie, it’s an entry worth your time. We take pains to ensure our site is accurate and up to date, but some information might be different than what you find by visiting a vendor website. Into the Spider Verse was a surprise critical smash for Sony, so it’s no surprise that the studio is making another Miles Morales movie. The viewing order is simple, it’s just. The Incredible Hulk follows Bruce Banner on the run from General Thunderbolt Ross and the US Military. Disclaimer: To address the growing use of ad blockers we now use affiliate links to sites like http://Amazon. He has been honored by the Mentor LA organization for his work on behalf of the children of Los Angeles and around the world. But the MCU didn’t end with Endgame. He’s an affable fellow, warm and constantly chuckling, and a good sport, cheerfully playing along with these intricate, macabre and darkly funny scenarios. Its stunningly beautiful final reel dares you to look away. It’s a gorgeous film just to live in for a couple hours. “Batman Returns” is the superior follow up to Burton’s 1989 hit, with Michael Keaton reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Memo to schoolteachers who make sex tapes with their partners in their off hours: Make sure the clip doesn’t end up going viral on the internet, you may get hauled before a committee of “concerned citizens” ready to tar and feather you. Bride of Chucky 1998Director: Ronny Yu. There’s always the possibility that Holland could move into more of a mentor role for a new Spider Man Miles Morales, perhaps, but there are no teasers for that in No Way Home so we can only speculate for now. A drama that plays like a thriller, this gorgeously rendered period piece unpacks themes of toxic masculinity and manipulation in a way that makes it impossible to turn away. It’s a beautifully shot and immersive movie, and earns its nearly three hour long runtime by having an interesting mystery at its core which reveals itself in a slow burn, immensely satisfying way. If you want to avoid that, go to the bottom of this guide for a list of every Marvel movie and TV show.

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The sequel sees fan favorite Tails make his debut with veteran gaming voice actor Colleen O’Shaughnessey reprising the role, while Idris Elba voices Sonic’s new nemesis Knuckles. This film also introduces The Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie. Year: 2018Runtime: 1h 38mDirector: Mamoru Hosoda. Gareth Edwards wrote, edited, and directed the insane follow up to his breakthrough hit that takes everything he did with The Raid and turns it up to 11. Here they are, from worst to best. Otto Octavius, aka Doc Ock. Bullet Train is the highly anticipated thriller based on the novel Maria Beetle by Japanese author, Kōtarō Isaka. Things get a lot stranger from that point. The films of the director Robert Greene including “Bisbee ’17” and “Kate Plays Christine” live at the intersection of documentary, drama and process, intermingling fact, fictionalization and the difficulties of pursuing that most elusive of goals, truth. He doesn’t have much time to rest, however, as the ancient Dark Elves return. Directed by: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. Jane Campion’s first feature film in 12 years is a riveting psychological drama that makes you look anew at every scene you’ve already succumbed to.

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Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner. Year: 2017Runtime: 1h 43mDirector: Mike Flanagan. And then he has a heart attack. The second Iron Man picks up where the first left off: Tony Stark grappling with his Iron Man identity being revealed. Well, it’s mostly right there in the title, truth be told. So, for example, Halloween and Halloween II follow the same continuity, while Halloween III does not. And that gives us a lot to work with for the next film,” Pascal teased to The New York Times. Same story as always: global catastrophe threatens Sid, Manny and Diego and they have to get to safety. Nicolas Cage, Hayden Christensen. Banshees is nominated for nine Academy Awards — four for actors Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Kerry Condon and Barry Keoghan. Tom Cruise stars as a man who is convicted of a crime he has no intent of committing in a fantastic vision of a future in which the systems designed to stop crime have been corrupted. Both cinemas, which are actually run by the same owners, focus on European movies, meaning they are the perfect places to enjoy the latest French, British or German flicks. But as with the best of Pryor’s stage work, what’s most striking is his vulnerability. His performance leaves scars. Cult of Chucky 2017Director: Don Mancini. Our latest update added Inu Oh on Hulu. Away from work, Tom can be found checking out the latest video games, immersing himself in his favorite sporting pastime of football, reading the many unread books on his shelf, staying fit at the gym, and petting every dog he comes across.

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Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps give competitive zeal and yearning physicality to the pair, in a movie that has found acclaim in hindsight. The MCU has become a cinematic juggernaut, rising to become the biggest movie franchise in history. April 7 Chupa Netflix Film Holy Spider Kings of Mulberry Street: Let Love Reign Netflix Film Oh Belinda Netflix Film Thicker Than Water Netflix Series Transatlantic Netflix Series. PG 13 133 min Action, Adventure, Sci Fi. The last film in “Phase Three” serves as our first look post Infinity War. This will be Cox’s fourth appearance in the MCU after popping up in Spider Man: No Way Home, She Hulk: Attorney at Law, and Echo. Directed by: Marjane Satrapi. Expect to see outrageous pranks, broken bones, hospitalizations and tantrums in the fourth Jackass movie. The blood and gore on vivid display is only matched by the wry social commentary that makes this film a solid time capsule into the excesses of the Reagan ’80s. And delivered what may still be the greatest recorded stand up comedy performance in history. Does the image of a scary knife wielding maniac sound like it would add some excitement to your Friday night. Daniel Craig returns as Benoit Blanc, the casual crime solver who finds himself on a billionaire’s island in Rian Johnson’s latest comedy/mystery. The people behind this massive blockbuster took the relatively simple book of the same name by Max Brooks and made it into a globe hopping epic about the end of the world on a massive scale. Most movies have a post credits scene, and these often spoil content that would have followed in the release order. He’ll gladly watch and write about almost anything, from old Godzilla films to gangster flicks to samurai movies to classic musicals to the French New Wave to the MCU.

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Its logline sounds like pure crime cliche: “A detective falls for a mysterious widow after she becomes the prime suspect in his latest murder investigation. And that’s Idris Elba returning as Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. The sequel sees fan favorite Tails make his debut with veteran gaming voice actor Colleen O’Shaughnessey reprising the role, while Idris Elba voices Sonic’s new nemesis Knuckles. They can sweep you up, but also leave scars. As the story goes on, Madea and the family team up on Madea’s biggest adventure yet to save their local church and other needy causes all over the country. Also good: Hansan: Rising Dragon, a massive Korean naval war epic; Thirteen Lives, Ron Howard’s dramatic retelling of the Thai cave rescue; Ambulance, Michael Bay’s intense LA crime thriller; The Outfit, a single location crime drama with Mark Rylance; The Lost City, an outrageously silly adventure rom com with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum; Pushpa: The Rise Part 1, a thrilling Telugu crime drama. Take a walker down memory lane and relive these unforgettable moments. The post apocalyptic horror drama film from Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke was based on their 2013 short film of the same name.

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PG 13 130 min Action, Adventure, Sci Fi. It had it everything: Michelle Yeoh, the multi verse and lots and lots of googly eyes. Seriously, is there anything more nerve racking than running into your married sugar daddy at a shiva for a family friend. The Amityville Horror 2005. Director:Enrico Casarosa Stars:Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Emma Berman, Saverio Raimondo. Send your friends and family the gift of ShowBiz. She walks away with the movie. Votes: 197,898 Gross: $191. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat Dr. This one’s a linear slow burn, but it’s also consistently suspenseful and Dewey delivers a great performance. Directors:Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava Stars:Brad Garrett, Lou Romano, Patton Oswalt, Ian Holm. ​In pics: Indhu Chowdhary’s stunning looks in lehenga​. The Coen Brothers followed up their dark, Oscar winning Cormac McCarthy adaptation “No Country for Old Men” with a hysterical farce that feels somewhat underrated. Bond movies are supposed to be enjoyable affairs and, ultimately, Quantum of Solace isn’t. From Kareena Shahid to Malaika Arbaaz: Former couples who proved exes can be friends. Who knew hate could be so fun. The freshly unsnapped Peter Parker goes to Europe on a field trip and meets Mysterio. I like watching that one first. Things grow more challenging for Peter due to the main antagonist, Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio, and his plans. “I wonder what little lady made these. Amazon clearly wants to be a dominant player in Hollywood, in addition to the dominance it already has in the world of retail, and based on this list, it’s well on its way.

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